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If you want to buy affordable, luxurious and super-comfortable duvets online in London UK, look no further than MyDuvetandPillow dot co dot UK – A Leading Duvet Company in London UK. At our online store, you can find a wide range of goose down duvets, synthetic duvets and natural duvets. This post highlights the key features of our best selling duvets including Edelweiss/Swiss Made Duvets, Canadian Goose Down Duvets, Siberian Goose Down Duvets, Hungarian Goose Down Duvets, , Anti-Allergy Microfibre Duvets and Pure Silk Duvets. So here we go.

Edelweiss/Swiss Made Duvets

Our Edelweiss/Swiss Made Duvets are filled with exquisite pure Hungarian goose down. The extraordinarily high fill power means the duvet is super fluffy and lofty, whilst being incredibly light considering the superb warmth they provide. Instead of being stuffy under the weight of heavy blankets, the feeling of our Edelweiss is relaxing and really does make you feel cocooned under fluffy clouds! 

Canadian Goose Down Duvets

Our incredible Hutterite goose down is popular for its uniqueness and exquisite fluffy clusters of down. Fantastic creatures – the resilient Canadian geese are renowned for their ability to withstand the extreme weather found in the region; they grow larger and stronger than their fellow geese from around the globe. This durable down is used to create our extraordinary Canadian goose down duvet that offers excellent warmth and insulation.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

For our Hungarian goose down duvet, we’ve sourced and used just that: pure Hungarian goose down – no blends, no feathers and certainly no inferior down from other regions. The warmth, durability and lightness is due to the incredible nature of goose down and its ability to trap warmth.

Anti-Allergy Microfibre Duvets

Say no to allergies! Our comfy duvets with Sanitized® protection effectively protect against allergens, bacteria and bad odours, and are a superb choice for asthma sufferers. They even get the Allergy UK seal of approval!

Pure Silk Duvets

Our Silk duvets will keep you comfortable whatever the temperature – exceptionally warm or chillingly cold, we have you covered. The unique nature of silk means that it’ll draw heat and moisture away from your body, yet trap the warmth when it’s a little colder; you’re assured a hassle-free nights rest, whatever the weather.

At MyDuvetandPillow, we take great pride in helping our customers to buy our wide range of premium goose down duvets at a cheaper price through our ‘huge spring seasonable special sale’ and ‘clearance sale’.

We also offer free UK delivery for all orders over £30. So what are you waiting for? Place an online order of your favourite goose down duvets now! Log onto today!