Pure Silk Duvet For a Better Night’s Sleep – My Duvet and Pillow

Silk Duvets are becoming more and more popular because the silk filled duvets can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. An amazing way to start doing a makeover in your bedroom is to buy a silk duvet for your bed. You can experience the marvellous luxury with the pure silk duvets available on the market. A silk duvet is not only graceful but also durable. That’s why spending some money on quality silk duvets is essential.


There is nothing to compare with the feeling of silk fabric, it will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature. Whether it’s wonderfully warm or chillingly cold, the incredible silk duvets are great. It  is specially created to keep you cool in the hot months and warm in cold ones. This breathable silk filled duvet will give you a wonderful night’s rest, allowing your skin to get enough oxygen and air during the night. It’s hypo-allergenic properties also aid with mites deterrence and prevention of common allergens.

Silk duvets come in many weights, choose a duvet depending on the climate and your budget. A silk duvet adds to the aesthetic of any room. The duvets made from pure silk are incredibly warm and comfortable. Each duvet we offer contains over one hundred layers of Grade A premium long-fibre Tussah silk, which makes it exceptionally soft and breathable. It is carefully hand-stretched and layered within a 330 thread count pure cotton sateen outer, allowing for excellent breathability. My Duvet and Pillow silk duvet comes with a handy zippered storage bag.

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