Things to know before buying a pillow

Having a good night’s sleep is essential to function properly the next day, it’s also the most crucial part of the day to fully wind down, so it should be the most relaxing experience. To help you get that perfect night’s sleep, it’s important to invest in a comfortable bed and pillow. For this reason you should never compromise on the quality of the bedding.

When you sleep, the bedding plays an important role when it comes to full relaxation, particularly when referring to the pillows themselves. Down pillows are a style loved by the nation, as they are known for providing good support and comfort, and the best type of down pillows are the Hungarian down pillows.

Hungarian down pillows are of the highest quality, because they specifically contain goose down clusters, with are larger than the more traditional goose clusters. This gives them a stronger fill power rating which is a great measure against the pillow’s quality. In fact the higher the cubic inches per ounce down clusters fill, the better the quality becomes.

Other than the fill power, Hungarian down pillows have a high thread count, and the higher the thread count the softer the pillow. You should bear in mind that not only are these pillows highly ranked, but they are also much more durable than their counterparts.

Aside from the make of the pillow, you need to consider what type of sleeper you are. For example, if you like to sleep on your stomach, then you should look to purchase a softer range of pillows, however if you are a side sleeper then a firm or extra firm pillow will be more suitable. Finally, if you prefer to sleep on your back, then you’re better off with medium to soft pillow.

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