Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Anti Allergy Duvets

Some of the most popular duvets in the market are those that are anti-allergy, which have been treated with Santized, but what actually is Santized? It’s a layer of protection providing long lasting freshness, and it great for keeping out bacteria and odours.

In today’s market, there are many suppliers who provide Anti Allergy Duvets, but you should factor in their capabilities and prices, before making any sudden purchases. Here are what we consider the top 5 advantages of anti-allergy duvets provided by My Duvet and Pillow.

Bacteria and Odour Resistance
As explained briefly before the Santized anti allergen duvet is bacteria and odour resistant, and provides a layer of protection for long lasting freshness.
Soft and Comfortable

When you’re looking for comfort and suppleness this product is exceptionally soft, and will meet all your comfort needs.

Machine Washable
All of our duvets are 100% machine washable for your convenience.

Perfect Pick for Allergy Sufferers or Sensitive Sleepers
Anti-Allergy Duvets are the perfect choice for providing a great night’s sleep for those who suffer from allergies.

Light and Warm
Our duvets are extremely light in weight, provide the ultimate warmth, and they are 100% cotton covered.

If you would like to purchase one of our quality Anti-Allergy Duvets, our would like to find out more, then visit our online store or call us on (020) 8432 0737