Protect Your Pillows With Pillow Protectors!

According to the NHS, at least 12 million people living in Britain suffer from allergies caused by dust mites. Dust mites can inhabit themselves around the home and are most commonly found in our bedding and pillows where they can feed on skin that we shed when we sleep. Just by using a quality brand of Pillow Protectors, you can reduce the risk of allergens by up to 90%. At My Duvet and Pillow, we provide high-quality bed products at competitive yet affordable prices. Our exclusive range of protectors includes StandardPure CottonVelvetWaterproof, Anti-bug and many more!

The majority of Pillow Protectors available in the market are crafted with basic fabrics, however, our Protectors have been manufactured with a layer of comfort to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. The average human is supposed to get about 6-8 hours of sleep each night, so having the right pillows and bedding can be instrumental.

At My Duvet and Pillow our Pure Cotton Protectors, tend to be most favorable with our customers due to their durability. The velvet and waterproof options are also a particular favorite thanks to their unique qualities. Browse the rest of our online collection via