Towels – The unsung heroes of our daily routines!

It seems like a pretty random thought but can you imagine a life without towels? When you really think about their use extends much further than just the bathroom, as people also use them in the gym, and also barbers and salons need them for their clients. In fact have you ever realized or paid attention to the fact that towels form an essential part of our everyday life? No? Well, then let’s give them their much deserved credit for helping us to stay dry and warm, particularly in these colder months.

In the modern day towels aren’t just selected for their practicality, and in fact are now chosen also for their colour, fabric, weight, and size. Out of all the fabrics you could purchase, the majority of the population tend to go for cotton towels as they are:

  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Gentle on the Skin
  • Low maintenance
  • Come in a wide variety of colours
  • Are created from natural fibers.

However if you’re going to invest in a decent set of towels there are other qualities you should consider:

Good absorbency – Pure cotton towels are weaved with long staple cotton and are capable of soaking up water efficiently. By absorbing all the water, they leave your body completely dry.

Long lasting – Opt for zero twist pure cotton towels as these have extra strength. While some kinds of fabrics have to be spun multiple times to provide extra strength, certain cotton towels either have a low or zero twist count, and yet are strong and long lasting as there is less or no wear tear in the yarn.

Fast Drying – Towels that dry quickly are certainly more preferred because they are ready to be used again in a short span of time. While there are fabrics that dry faster than cotton, certain cotton towels labelled ‘quick-dry’ dry much faster than the average fabric.

So you now know why cotton towels can play quite a significant role when we go about our daily routines. We hope after reading this blog you know which fabrics to opt for as well as the better qualities to purchase. Happy shopping!

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