Why One Should Prefer Buying Cotton Mattress Protectors

We recommend that one should hunt for new and fresh bedding options to get a healthier lifestyle. It is very much important to hold the healthy mattress along with a protector so you can feel protected and comfortable. A Cotton Mattress Protector has a unique feel that you’ll never experience in other protectors available on the market. As there are various  choices to choose from but a mattress cover crafted from cotton is the best amongst all due to its wonderful qualities. Therefore, make sure to research online for different Cotton Mattress Protectors and you can undoubtedly buy from the most renowned online bedding store ‘My Duvet and Pillow’.

You must be aware of the never-ending benefits of the cotton mattress covers, so the next time when you search for a mattress protector, you will surely buy a Cotton Mattress Protector for getting a leisurely sleep.

Cool and Organic: Cotton is the most luxurious and naturally breathable fabric which draws heat from your body & will provide the perfect, healthy and relaxed sleep. It has an amazing quality of keeping you cool in the summer and extremely warm in the winter. To purchase a mattress protector filled and fabricated with pure cotton, undoubtedly you must visit our online bedding store.

Incredibly Comfortable and Soft: Everybody looks for a greater degree of luxurious support, extra warmth, and extreme comfort, and the Cotton Mattress Protector from our huge range has an incredible nature.  It is extremely supple and comfortable, keeping your mattress fresh and clean. With this, it is also very light in weight and has a smooth feeling which comes when created from quality fabric.

Worthy Investment: Buying a cotton mattress cover is really a worthy investment. It represents terrific value for money because maybe it is a little expensive protector, but it comes with a great lifespan. Thereby, we can absolutely say that spending on pure cotton bedding is the best way to ensure that you get a wonderful night’s sleep.

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Handy Duvet Storage Bags – To Store Duvets Properly

Most of the people find it a great challenge to clean their duvets or to keep them safe. Today, people are so busy that it is hard to find time for these things. And washing duvets at regular intervals is a daunting task; it requires so much time and energy. While keeping this in mind, My Duvet and Pillow brings to you an easy solution, a handy Duvet Storage Bag. This bag can solve all your purpose, so you can relax and enjoy.

The versatile Duvet Storage Bag available at our online store is constructed of fully breathable fibre, and features carry handles for convenience. It is available in various sizes, so you’ll be satisfied. When looking for this spacious storage bag, you need not spend a large amount of money. It will help you keep your duvet in a perfect condition, protecting from dust and humidity, and thus providing your duvet a long life.

You can find a wide range of duvets bags online, but adding our range of bag provides the best way to organised your bedding. This Duvet Storage Bag comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. The Small size is best for any tog single duvet or low tog double duvet, Medium is ideal for higher tog double duvet or any tog king or super king duvet, and last size Large size is perfect for any size, all seasons duvets, emperor size duvets or two smaller duvets.

My Duvet and Pillow is a famous online store, selling high-quality bedding products. Our unique variety of Duvet Storage Bag keeps your duvets safe in storage. We understand how important a comfortable sleep is; hence we deal in ultimate bedding products which are available at affordable prices.

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How to Protect Your Luxurious Pillow?


For a restful sleep, one should always buy a luxurious and a soft balmy pillow. A lot of money is spent on these type of pillows, and since the expense is nothing to sneeze at, it’s important to protect your investment. Thus, make sure that you never forget about its care & maintenance. To help protect your sleeping investment, a Pillow Protector would be an excellent choice. It will help you protect your pillow and prolong its life. The versatility of a protector not only improves hygiene for bedding but adds an extra layer of comfort to your pillow as well. It is important to take care of your pillows and prevent it from damages such as stains or leaks that can damage the softness and feel you love so much.


Today a vast range of pillows are available online. Down pillows are amongst them and renowned for their extreme softness and comfort. But, for as popular as they are, many people aren’t sure how to care for them. Generally speaking, it’s not difficult to wash pillows filled with eider feathers, but you do need to follow instructions. Before washing, you should check its care label and make sure to follow every step and recommendation. Also, be sure to use pillow protectors to help to keep all your pillows, including down, safe from any damages.

There are numerous benefits associated with the pillow protectors. With a protector, you can shield pillows from the dirt and dust present in the external environment. A right pillow protector can keep your pillow in pristine condition, and it also ensures a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Today, different pillow protectors are available to satisfy different individual needs. Even hypoallergenic versions have been crafted specifically for sensitive people & the ones who adore the soft touch of luxury. They are available in various fabrics & sizes to make you feel refreshed, relaxed and comfortable. But, the most attractive feature is that the protectors can easily be removed and washed, which makes them the ultimate choice for daily use.

When you properly cover pillows with the protectors, your bed pillow hardly needs washing. So get ready to wake up feeling refreshed and energised. A cotton pillow protector always remains the first choice because of the extreme level of comfort they can offer.

My Duvet and Pillow offers a wide array of high-quality Pillow Protectors that ensures cleanliness and comfort. We provide protectors in 100% cotton & 40% more filling than standard protectors. We are one of the well-established destinations for the finest quality duvets, pillow, and other bedding products.

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One of the Best Cotton Mattress Protectors from My Duvet and Pillow

Every person needs a comfortable and welcoming bed when they return back to their house from a long and tiring day. They can truly understand the importance of Cotton Mattress Protectors. Everybody likes something that is soft to the touch. These protectors are supremely soft and supple. As we all know that cotton fabric is naturally breathable, it has the ability to keep you cool in summer and nicely warm in the winter. When it comes to buying a right mattress protector, it is better to search online so that you can compare quality with the prices. By purchasing it from a renowned online store you would be able to extend its life. Unfortunately, standard or artificial fabric made protectors don’t serve the purpose, they are inadequate to fulfil the necessary requirements. So, it becomes essential to make a substantial investment in a good cotton mattress cover.


The mattress protectors can prolong the life of a mattress and improve hygiene for bedding. They can add a little more ease to your hard bed. The cotton mattress covers are best known for absorbing body heat. This is an ideal addition to your bedding as it can add a protective layer of comfort. You can make the most out of your fresh and clean Cotton Mattress Protector.

We spend half of our lives in sleeping; medical research has shown that bedding is an ideal place for allergens such as dust mites, the bacteria, etc. This protector is a great choice for allergy sufferers. It is beneficial for those looking to add an anti allergy barrier to their bed mattress. Mattress Protector is a unique combination of quality, durability and absorbency. They are easily washable at homes & can cover the mattress in the best possible way.

Protectors made from cotton have been around for ages because of its ultimate features. My Duvet and Pillow brings absolutely marvellous cotton mattress covers, which can blend well with almost any décor. We provide high-quality bedding products at unbeatable prices.

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My Duvet and Pillow – You Need to Know About This Duvet Company Now!

When it comes to buying bedding everybody starts looking for a company where they can find luxurious bedding products at affordable prices. The Duvet Company ‘My Duvet and Pillow’ that understands the importance of restful sleep offers a wide range of bedding products. Generally, bedding is available in two range one is natural and another is synthetic. The synthetic duvet and pillow collection come with the best fibre fillings which can give an optimum luxurious feel. And the natural range brings you the best goose feather and down filling with 100% cotton fabric cover for a warm, comfortable and sumptuous feel.


If thinking of purchasing bedding products, you must have a good knowledge of different   online duvet stores & their prices. My Duvet and Pillow offers a unique range of bedding that includes snug duvets, comfy pillows, fluffy towels, cushion mattress top & much more. Our sumptuous bedding collection is durable, beautiful, non-exasperating and cost-effective. We can guarantee a premium quality products available at the best price. Our ultimate online store is the most trusted and successful. For those who like sophisticated and classy bedding, we have everything for you. We are unique bedding sellers, with thousands of satisfied customers and still counting.

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White Goose Down Pillow for Comfort and Support

Some people are sensitive, so they require super soft and comfortable pillows, and we have an ultimate solution for them. My Duvet and Pillow brings to you a sumptuous White Goose down Pillow which can sure keep your head well rested. A good pillow is what all you need for a good night’s sleep. I Often, one may choose to purchase an affordable, yet poor quality pillow, but this is not recommendedastherearemanysuperiorandaffordableGoosedownpillowsavailableonthe market today. These pillows are specially crafted for to provide comfort and support at a superb price.


White Goose Down Pillows are considered the most selling pillows because of its quality feathers and fabrics & the attention to detail used in making them. This pillow is created with a layer of white goose down. It offers you a wonderful support as it is filled with a blend of feather and pure down. The pillow encased in a 100% down‐proof cotton fabric for a true comfort. We pride ourselves to say that this pillow is the most luxurious & a great value product. This pillow has just the right amount of filling to give support & makes it a lofty pillow.

We understand how important a restful sleep is, and we know that only a great pillow can offer that. Our business provides a huge range of ultimate bedding products at affordable prices.

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Pure Silk Duvet For a Better Night’s Sleep – My Duvet and Pillow

Silk Duvets are becoming more and more popular because the silk filled duvets can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. An amazing way to start doing a makeover in your bedroom is to buy a silk duvet for your bed. You can experience the marvellous luxury with the pure silk duvets available on the market. A silk duvet is not only graceful but also durable. That’s why spending some money on quality silk duvets is essential.


There is nothing to compare with the feeling of silk fabric, it will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature. Whether it’s wonderfully warm or chillingly cold, the incredible silk duvets are great. It  is specially created to keep you cool in the hot months and warm in cold ones. This breathable silk filled duvet will give you a wonderful night’s rest, allowing your skin to get enough oxygen and air during the night. It’s hypo-allergenic properties also aid with mites deterrence and prevention of common allergens.

Silk duvets come in many weights, choose a duvet depending on the climate and your budget. A silk duvet adds to the aesthetic of any room. The duvets made from pure silk are incredibly warm and comfortable. Each duvet we offer contains over one hundred layers of Grade A premium long-fibre Tussah silk, which makes it exceptionally soft and breathable. It is carefully hand-stretched and layered within a 330 thread count pure cotton sateen outer, allowing for excellent breathability. My Duvet and Pillow silk duvet comes with a handy zippered storage bag.

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