Canadian Goose Down Duvets- A Look Through!

Goose down duvets are considered the best choice among all other duvets that you can think of shopping. However you will discover a great number of duvets for different seasons.  As far as choosing goose down duvets is concerned, you will find the effective for all four seasons of the year. These duvets are believed to have diverse tog power which fluctuates according to the duvet selected by you for a particular season.

While making the final purchase of the

IMG_8231_large right duvet for you, you should always carry out a little research process and it should include details of all sorts of duvets available in the marketplace. At many shopping stores, you will discover several duvets made from goose down, but you have to make the right selection and choose the one that’s perfect for you. These duvets are reasonable but may not have the quality and the durability of goose down duvets.

The reason as to why these duvets have become the top choice of a great number of people is because of their natural filling. The filling certainly has no substitute. Another major factor is that they do not cause any kind of allergy as was the case with duvets available in previous years. The problem has changed in a very good manner and all Canadian goose down duvets available now are hypoallergic and durable in nature.

An important question related to these duvets is “what makes these duvets unique?”

Now here’s an answer to this, Canadian geese are great creatures that haveIMG_8309_large the capability to live in the severe weather conditions of Canada. These resilient birds grow larger and stronger than their fellow geese from around the globe. With temperatures that can dip as low as minus 40°, Canadian goose has developed an abundance of exceptionally strong clusters of down to keep them warm. In turn, this durable down creates a fabulous duvet that offers unsurpassed warmth and insulation.

The right place for you to buy the Canadian goose down duvets is ‘My Duvet and Pillow’, where you will find a huge range of bedroom accessories at really affordable prices. As far as these great and light weight duvets are concerned, they are available at a cost of £165.00. The price is just as light as the weight of the duvets but is a promise that these duvets have a really long life.

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Pillow Storage Bags to Increase the Life of Your Pillows

Your pillows are your perfect partner, while you can choose to throw them at each other during a fight or pull them close to you just to sleep well at night, they have never complained about you. They are the same for all kinds of sleepers and you can keep them in whatever direction you wish to. But, have you ever thought what could be your effort to increase their life? Storage of course it is and is certainly very important for your pillows good condition.image5_clipped_rev_1BW_large

A pillow storage bag is the best thing you can ever buy for the sake of your pillow. This not only keeps the pillow soft and fluffy, but also maintains its shape and condition for long. While some think that a pillow storage bag is only to keep your pillow away from dirt, only a few might think of it to be a perfect choice to make some extra space in your room. While folding pillows and pushing them in bags and other spaces in the cupboard might deteriorate the condition of the pillow, only such a bag makes space for your pillow and also makes some extra space for you.

Now that you know about pillow storage bags and their qualities, it is not only important for you to choose the right bag but also the best place to purchase it from. While the bag might suit your choice and budget, the place that is undoubtedly the best to buy these bags from is “My Duvet and Pillow”. While the budget that you choose might vary according to the size of the storage bag, the quality is definitely the best at My Duvet and Pillow. The most convincing reason to buy the storage bag from here is pocket friendly prices available here. Nowhere else in the market will you get such high quality pillow storage bags at the most cost effective prices!!!

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress Toppers

We all know that we spend nearly one third of our life sleeping or in bed so we should also know that for a mattress to be able to give you proper support, it should have the required firmness. It should neither be too hard nor to o soft and that it is too hard will not only conform at all the contours of the body while a mattress that is too soft will give you the feeling of being swallowed, thus restricting your movements.

However, there may be a case when your mattress is still good but it lacks the right firmness as suggested. You may then choose to throw it away and buy a new one instead but what if you cannot readily afford to throw out something really costly. In that case, you can make use of a mattress pad.


A mattress topper or a mattress pad is something you put on top of your mattress. They are usually 5 centimeters high and its purpose is to give you additional comfort, additional support, or both. Before, they are made of traditional materials such as feather and wool, but now many other modern types have been added. Read this article to figure out which one is for you.

The right choice however will always be Clusterfibre Mattress Toppers’.

Description about these Mattress Toppers:

The Clusterfibre 3″ thick encased in 100% cotton mattress topper offers an additional layer of padding and extra comfort. For anyone allergy-prone, this is a perfect and affordable alternative to down filled toppers. Its soft-yet-supportive polyester cluster fibre filling provides an additional layer of support and newfound comfort on top of your mattress.

You can find this exclusive mattress topper at My Duvet and Pillow, the online store where you can find a huge range of bedroom accessories varying from pillow, mattresses to mattress toppers.

The bottom line about mattress toppers is that they are a cheaper alternative to the costly replacement of a mattress. It can also allow you to add a modern foam based material to mattress for added comfort.

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Hungarian Goose Down Pillow for Better Support and Comfort

If you wake up tired and stressed, feeling no better than how you were feeling at night and sometimes even worse, then there’s something in your bedroom that you need to change very badly. This something that needs a quick change is your pillow and you must keep this on high priority.

Hungarian down pillows

Having a good pillow or just a few good pillows is very important for you to be able to enjoy some extremely good nights. The prices might sometimes make you want to reach for cheaper priced standard kind but most of the times cheaper is not better especially when it comes to pillows. If you want a good one that will not flatten on you and last longer than the normal standard kind you might want to look at the higher priced options. Down pillows are popular types that provide comfort and support. Hungarian down pillows is a brand of down pillows that offer optimal support using the finest white goose feathers.

Hungarian down pillows is considered top of the line because of the attention to detail used in making them and the quality feathers and fabric used. Many other pillows can give you comfort and support if you are allergic to feathers. Memory Foam is a great option to use because it molds around your head and neck giving you a personalized comfort and supports that adjusts to your needs. Prices can start at around thirty dollars for a standard size and go up from there. Hungarian down pillows are still a great option for those who are not allergic to feathers.


If support is not your concern and you want a big pillow to throw you leg over or hug while you are sleeping try a body pillow. The body kinds are not made to support your head or neck they are made more for comfort. People who like to sleep on their sides like to use these types of pillows. Body pillows start at around ten dollars and are found at many discounted retail stores and higher end retailers as well. If you are looking for comfort and support then the Hungarian down pillows are your better option. If you are looking for something more for comfort then body pillows, and dream pillows are you best bet.

The Hungarian Goose Down Duvets are available at My Duvet and Pillow. These pillows have all the qualities you couldn’t have imagined in a simple pillow. The 100% pure Hungarian goose down available with us has no blends, no feathers and most certainly no down from the inferior quality regions.


  • Warm
  • Durable
  • Light weight

The casing is a lovely 100% cotton Jacquard that is designed for pure down, with a 330 high thread count for superior strength and a soft delicate touch.

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Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Do Make A Difference

It has become a common thing these days that people do not like to splash out on something luxurious these days until it is something that can make their life nicer in some form or the other. It is therefore not a thing to wonder when people decide to redecorate their bedroom and not only make it a place of comfort; they make it into something that is more luxurious or better into something where comfort rules the world.

There’s a fact about human life and we’re all aware of it- We humans spend almost one third of our life in bed. Now that we know the fact shouldn’t we plan out something for the bedroom, making it into a kind or luxury retreat, a place that all yours, you can decorate it the way you want to, sleep how you want to, and form your own little world in it.

And the change lies in the choice of Duvet. Quit using the traditional, ordinary and low quality duvets and walk into a store to buy luxurious, comfortable Hungarian Goose Down Duvets; learn to make a difference in your bedroom with the things that you need the most. A duvet is undoubtedly a necessity and you can curl yourself in it to enjoy a cozy sleep at night- this is how your long tiring day should end.

About the Hungarian Goose Down Duvets:

The Hungarian goose down duvets are treated and regarded as the ultimate luxury option because of the simple reason that these duvets have an excellent retention attribute other than its qualities of being extremely lightweight and comfortable. These duvets have slowly won the hearts of the sellers and the buyers; you can snug into these duvets in the coldest nights you could ever witness.

Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

Being a luxury duvet it has the element
that makes your bedroom the most beautiful room of your house and will make your bed as inviting as possible. It is a high quality duvet. Lightweight yet keeps you warm. Down is the most expensive duvet filling, but is the most lightweight among all the other duvet fillers. Also, down is the best insulator. The combination of feather and down is not only warm but they also cost less.

Truly only the Hungarian goose down duvets has become the many people and they find it fascinating and fantastic. The warmness part of the duvet is evident from the fact that geese migrate across the coldest parts of the world on a regular basis and they do not have anything to keep themselves warm amidst the cold winds except for their feathers. Based on this fact, it is easier for you to understand that it is the feathers of the goose that are used to develop goose down duvets and to make them absolutely warm and comfortable.

Care for your Mattresses and Protect Your Investment

So finally you’ve decided to trade in your old, uncomfortable mattress for a new one and are counting down the days until it gets delivered and set up in your home. Congratulations!!! You have readily taken the first very important step for improving the quality of your sleep. There’s much more waiting…

Your mattress will soon become the most important piece of furniture in your home because you have to spend nearly one third of your life on it. But what really is the most important things is Protecting Your Investment. Anytime when you make a large investment in any item or service that is a little expensive in nature; you should probably start looking for ways to protect that investment. To protect your investment in a high quality mattress, you may need the help of a Mattress Protector that is equally high on its quality.

One thing that constantly hits your mind is warranty; but you might have never thought that some warranties can be voided in case the mattress gets stained. A mattress protector will them be the only thing that can help you out and is will ensure that your mattress is covered against spills and other problems that you might just not be able to predict.

The advantages of using mattress protectors:

  • The obvious thing is that a mattress protector can help to provide an extra layer of security for the mattress you’ve made a huge investment on. Since it itself forms an extra layer it adds comfort to your night’s sleep and will also provide better support to your spine.
  • You can avoid spills, stains and help to keep your mattress from suffering from regular wear and tear. It keeps your mattress stitches and seems from protecting the mattress from being damaged or torn accidentally.
  • If your mattress protector has additional heating coils, a toasty and warmer night is awaiting you even when the snow and ice are hitting your front door. Depending on how warm or cold a protector you are looking for; the temperature is often adjustable to match exactly what each sleeper is looking for.

In a nutshell, mattress protectors are fairly durable but as is the case with everything, some attention and care is definitely needed. There is no need to mess with the protector each time you change the lines of your bed, rather it should be done on a scheduled basis to make sure that you do not miss out on anything or any early warning signs of damage. Remember –The cleaning instructions exist for a reason. Following the instructions will only prevent mistakes that could eventually lead to the damage of your investment.”


Why the Siberian Goose Down Duvets are a good Choice

Humans are believed to spend almost one third of their life in it, sp it is very much advisable and wise at the same time to redecorate your bedroom into your own little luxury retreat and start calling it your own BIG world.

If you’re convinced with the fact and have decided to do the needful but have no idea where to start from, then here’s a clue for you. Just bring out one simple yet big change in your bedroom which is to drop those ordinary high store duvets that you have and go for beautiful and luxurious Siberian Goose Down Duvets. Once you’re done with this check how your bed feels when you walk up on it ending the long and tiring day that you’ve faced.

Siberian goose down duvets as we’ve already said are the best choice in duvets for a newly decorated room and the reasons for the same are very simple, but you won’t realize it until you purchase it. Some of the reasons we thought you might be interested in knowing are:

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Non allergic
  • Soft

Since you’ve had a look on the characteristics of this goose down duvet, it becomes equally important to know the reasons which make these duvets warm and comfortable. Geese you must have heard migrate on a regular basis across the coldest parts of the world and they have absolutely nothing to keep them warm amidst the cold winter nights. All they possess is their feathers which are used to make goose down duvets and thus are undoubtedly the best in providing warm and comfort.

But, above all these things there is one more which gives the duvet its right and actual value; this important factor is the weight and durability of the duvet when compared to other duvets. Goose down duvets has become popular everywhere in this globe. Goose has the ability to remain warm yet waterproof, lightweight yet durable is the reason why this material in particular is coming up as a perfect element for duvets.

Another question that arises up now is where you can expect to find the best Siberian goose down duvets; and the answer is ‘My Duvet and Pillow’. This is one name that is doing extremely well when it comes to selling such duvets. They believe that a good duvet is the need for all and each one of us needs a perfectly warm duvet to snug the coldest nights and there’s no reason why you will regret making this decision.

Buying Siberian goose down duvets from My Duvet and Pillow is a total family decision.